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39 Isabella Street, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620

  • Hotel/Leisure

Last updated: 8th January 2021

Listing ID: 2258

  • 664.0m2 Floor area
  • 1591.0m2 Land area

Magnificent multipurpose building -20 minutes from Parliament House

Premises: Lot 1, DP801099
Block size: 1591 m2
Building : 664 m2
Zoned R2, low density residential
Central QueanbeyanBenedict House
This gracious, landmark two-storey building is in a prime position.
It embraces rural living of the Monaro, but is also just 20 minutes from the Parliamentary circle.
The prime location in an historic street, with ample parking space, in a thriving region, that draws on the Canberra market, makes it an incredible business opportunity.
Featuring an elegant upstairs residence, then a versatile downstairs space that has been used as an award-winning café and gallery, legal and financial offices, short term accommodation and physiotherapy rooms.

Special zoning allows a wide range of commercial operations to take place on premises, with extensive flexibility, whether it be in hospitality, retail, as a museum, an even grander residence or more. Thirteen large rooms and a total floor space size of 1591 m2 allows for endless potential.
Built as a convent in 1886, this historic building has housed a boarding school and has connections with two former Australian Prime Ministers .Ben Chifley was named after it and Prime Minister Paul Keating bought it with the intention of using it as a school of music
The upstairs residence is classically proportioned, with a formal dining, kitchen family room, three large bedrooms, a truly magnificent bathroom and ensuite, with walk in robe. An additional appeal to the downstairs area is a stonemason’s cottage, functional gardens and a grand monastic courtyard used for functions and events.
The timeless architecture, versatile zoning, and impressive location offers a unique lifestyle that could combine a highly desirable residence and business.
A truly grand and significant building that has great potential to be developed.

Heritage listed – which although it restricts what can be done physically to the building, grants additional possibilities for commercial use of the premises under the Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan 2012, 5.10 (10)
Benedict House is zoned R2, low density residential, as shown in the map uses for the property are outlined in the Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan 2012, which stipulates the following uses are permitted with consent of the local Council:
Bed and breakfast accommodation; Boarding houses; Boat sheds; Building identification signs; Business identification signs; Caravan parks; Child care centres; Community facilities; Dwelling houses; Environmental facilities; Environmental protection works; Exhibition homes; Exhibition villages; Flood mitigation works; Group homes; Health consulting rooms; Information and education facilities; Jetties; Moorings; Neighbourhood shops; Places of public worship; Recreation areas; Recreation facilities (indoor); Recreation facilities (outdoor); Respite day care centres; Roads; Secondary dwellings; Seniors housing; Water recreation structures; Water reticulation systems

However, the property is heritage listed, which means it is subject to 5.10 (10) of the Plan, which states:
The consent authority may grant consent to development for any purpose of a building that is a heritage item or of the land on which such a building is erected, or for any purpose on an Aboriginal place of heritage significance, even though development for that purpose would otherwise not be allowed by this Plan, if the consent authority is satisfied that:
(a) the conservation of the heritage item or Aboriginal place of heritage significance is facilitated by the granting of consent, and
(b) the proposed development is in accordance with a heritage management document that has been approved by the consent authority, and
(c) the consent to the proposed development would require that all necessary conservation work identified in the heritage management document is carried out, and
(d) the proposed development would not adversely affect the heritage significance of the heritage item, including its setting, or the heritage significance of the Aboriginal place of heritage significance, and
(e) the proposed development would not have any significant adverse effect on the amenity of the surrounding area.

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