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99-105 Churchill Street, Childers, QLD 4660

  • Land/Development

Last updated: 4th January 2022

Listing ID: 5404

  • 70.0m2 Floor area
  • 2719.0m2 Land area

Is this the BEST Southbound highway site between Rockhampton and Gympie?

To enquire, please email or call 1300 815 051 and enter code 4812

After SARS, many people decided to stay in Australia for their holidays. Many business' related to domestic tourism noticed an increase to their trade.

Now, with Covid, it maybe possible that anyone related to domestic tourism will also be busy while people decide to holiday at home?

Perhaps caravan parks, fuel stations and quick service food restaurants will be busy while people travel domestically?

There is a well run corridor for travellers along the east coast of Australia. Between Brisbane and Cairns it is easy to count the towns where the Bruce Highway actually runs through.

Towns like Gympie, Tairo, Gin Gin, Miriam Vale are some of those towns between Brisbane and Rockhampton.

There is one other town which is more than a "dot on the map". A town serviced by major banks, agriculture, tourism and local business'.

Why not look at this "regional hub" and see if this site fits the purpose of your future business?

What could you do on this 2700m2 site?

Much of the groundwork has been done to lodge a DA.


This is an amazing opportunity to have your business situated on the Bruce Highway in Childers.

High visibility from both north and southbound traffic.

Childers’ population expands daily with visitors from surrounding towns PLUS travellers coming through town.

Over 10,000 vehicles travel through Childers daily.

Smaller towns in the area travel to Childers to go to school, work, shop, visit medical services etc.

There are 921 students and 109 teaching and administrative staff at three different schools in Childers.

The town has geographic advantages and is positioned with little highway competition for 450 km between Gympie and Rockhampton.

Phone enquiry code for this property: 4812end

To enquire, please email or call 1300 815 051 and enter code 4812


This property is somewhat walkable with some errands that can be accomplished on foot. If you are up for a little walk you can explore the local lunch and coffee options nearby. There are minimal transit options but it’s possible to get on a bus.

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