Engaging a professional photographer is just as important in the commercial property sector as it is in residential. But if you're taking the DIY route, here are a few tips to help you master your marketing material.

If sourcing expert help isn't possible or within your current budget, there are simple ways to use your smartphone for the job and return good results.

Taking the time to enhance your phone's capabilities can help you produce professional-looking, high-quality images for your marketing efforts. Here are a few tips to help you manage your next commercial property shoot.

  • Hire a pro (if you have the budget): Using a high-quality DSLR to shoot real estate with a wide-angle lens is the best and preferred route.
  • Maximise your best tools: Shooting your commercial space yourself? Use the best equipment you have, and make sure you edit your images. The end result will be far better quality. Remember, your marketing is a reflection of you and your brand.
  • Channel your inner Marie-Kondo: Decluttering your space before you shoot will make the world of difference. Clean inside and outside the property. Are cars parked outside? Move them out of the way, as well as any unwanted items. Where possible, pressure wash and clean your driveways or building areas and glass. Don't forget the greenery! Remove weeds and trim your gardens.
  • Shoot steady: An hour prior to photographing your commercial space is probably not the time to down three espresso shots if you're caffeine intolerant and prone to shaking. Photo editors (and professional real estate photographers) can work a lot of magic, but fixing blurred images might be pushing your luck.
  • Think about the time of day: Shooting a building exterior? Keep the sun behind you so you avoid bright sun and dark shadows. Think about the 'golden hours' in mid-morning or late afternoon where the light is softer. This will help you achieve far better results.
  • Shoot in landscape: It's always better to use a landscape orientation when you shoot your property photos, rather than portrait layout. It looks better in marketing. Plus, they'll help you show off your property!
  • Give yourself time: You want your commercial property listing to get the attention it deserves. Ensure you give yourself adequate time to take the best photos you can. A good photoshoot can take time, but it's an investment that will pay off once your listing goes live online.
  • Show off your best features: When shooting your interiors, consider the highlights of each room and make sure your photos emphasise them. Do you have beautiful natural light? Is it particularly spacious?
  • Check the lights: Have any globes blown? Replace any dead lights and turn all exterior lights on before you shoot your photos to add warmth.
  • Prepare your space: Carefully arrange your furniture in each room so that the photos demonstrate the possibilities with design/furnishing. Draw attention to the space with bright artwork, interior greenery or other colourful accents.

Whether you choose to DIY or employ the services of a professional photographer, make sure you show your commercial space in its best light - it can make all the difference and help prospective tenants take notice.

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